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FTP Review system

Wormhole Update News / 2016.09.22

The FTP review system now allows users to review files on different file servers.
Reviewing from outside the company and during collaboration with partner production companies has become easier.

– Application sends attached review files via FTP upon request
– Easy management system for reviewing by subject or Favorite function


FTP Review system

Project Management in User System

Wormhole Update News / 2016.08.20

A project can be managed under the user system without connecting to the administration system. Check the list below for available functions.

  • Manage Shot/Asset list
  • Manage the number of people working on a project
  • Manage task type used in project
  • Manage status used in project
  • Manage tag on shot list


Project Management in User System

Movie File Player within Browser

Wormhole Update News / 2016.06.16

The updated version, which has added a “direct file transfer” function within Wormhole web server, enables transferred file checking without a connection to the file server.
And users can use various drawing tools to draw or type within video for reviewing.

– Check each frame in video file
– Draw directly on video file and make intuitive review possible


Image File Player within Browser_1

Image File Player within Browser_2

Shot/ Asset auto upload thumbnail system

Wormhole Update News / 2016.04.14

A new function enables easy thumbnail setting when registering Shot/Asset.
Users can drag and drop to instantaneously complete thumbnail settings.
The uploaded images and Shot/Asset ID must share the same filenames.


Shot-Asset auto upload thumbnail system

Permission Management System Per User Type

Wormhole Update News / 2016.03.10

Users can customize their User Type, in addition to user types provided.
Permissions below can be applied differently according to the user type.

  • Schedule-editing
  • Artist assign
  • Changing progress status
  • Schedule-modify


Permission Management System Per User Type

Publish path(File) setting system

Wormhole Update News / 2016.02.10

Users can customize their Project Path, in addition to present paths.
– Auto data storage to the Project Path

Paths can be edited in the Project Management menu under the administration system.


Publish path setting system

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