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C-Festival 2015

Our Activities / 2015.05.04

C-Festival hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency is Asia’s largest content festival. It converges culture, art and technology. C2Monster participated in the event held in COEX, Seoul from April 30th to May 3rd, 2015.
This event is very important to understand the newest information and trends in Asia’s culture, art and technology. C2Monster expects that through expansion and technological advancement, this exhibition can become an important global event.


C-Festival 2015 1

C-Festival 2015 2


Our Activities / 2015.03.07

C2Monster participated in GDC2015, the largest conference for game developers, from 4th to 6th of March 2015. GDC2015, held in San Francisco, is a key event for getting all the latest information and trends in the game industry.


GDC 2015 1
It also offered a good opportunity to introduce Wormhole 2015’s newly added functions to overseas game developers, digital content producers and solution providers.
Game-related companies showed great interest in Wormhole, and we were encouraged by the market response.
We hope as many as possible will check out a more advanced Wormhole at the next GDC.

GDC 2015 2

GDC 2015 3

Customer Story – Retrobot

Customer Stories / 2015.01.15

Retrobot 1

Retrobot is the animation production company most famous for creating Tobot and Biklonz. Retrobot began with a belief in the importance of a strong foundation in the domestic market, rather than the prioritization of the international market.


– Had difficulty in comprehensive management of 130 people participating in project people; No review history left → Difficult to track problems
– Managed review and notice comprehensively with Wormhole → More systematic review and file management
Had difficulty in management of accumulated assets (TV series/ animation for theater) → Used Wormhole for systematic management and file location and version search


Retrobot 2

Wormhole application case (Tobot, Biklonz, Tobot Cargo and Terracle)

Siggraph 2014

Our Activities / 2014.08.15

C2Monster participated in Siggraph 2014, held in Vancouver, Canada, from 10th to 14th of August.
Since it was our second time participating in Siggraph, we were able to better prepare. We showcased a more advanced and greater array of functions of our content pipeline management solution, Wormhole.
While announcing Wormhole 2014 at Siggraph, we also completed the renewal of our web page ( Now, you can get detailed information about our solutions through user guides and tutorial videos at
We value all the interest shown toward Wormhole 2014 at the Siggraph in Vancouver.


Siggraph 2014 1

Siggraph 2014 2

Customer Story – Studio Min

Customer Stories / 2013.10.30

Studio Min 1

Studio Min was established in 2012 by VFX supervisors and artists with a shared vision and passion. The studio has participated in over 40 film productions and has made a significant impact on the Korean film industry. It is now evolving into a leader of matte painting and concept art in Korea.


Manage attached files automatically by Wormhole FTP Review Tool in the review system when working on same project with partners; Convenient file management; Less work for PDs

– Check each task in Task Overview, save with filtered Shot/ Asset list → Check the progress quickly
– Search assets used in other projects quickly, locate and reuse files → Convenient asset usage and management
– Easy Shot/ Asset file management by using a Publish Tool
– Convenient review history search and easy problem tracking


Studio Min 2

Wormhole application case (Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure, Hutos, Robot Train)

Customer Story – Olive Studio

Customer Stories / 2013.10.20

Olive Studio 1

Olive Studio was founded in 2005 as a professional animation studio, now its services cover from 3D animation to 3D stereoscopic contents production. With brilliant ideas and passion, Olive Studio has set its vision to become the worldwide leader in video contents creation.


– Review & Publish
1. Easy to see review history
2. Open local review file or folder directly
3. Accumulate reviews -> Easy to see previous reviews
(Search date, period, filtering per Shot/ Asset task)
4. Pop-up appears when review is requested -> Easy to reply
5. Check publisher, publishing date, task, details at a glance; Easy to check publishing history
6. Publish document files (Excel, PPT, etc.) -> Easy to manage sharable files, like scene breakdowns

– Asset Task View / Shot Task View
1. Easy to create asset and shot; Select collectively to apply template and allocate/change artist easily
2. Check task per asset and shot at a glance -> Easy to understand the overall project process
3. Insert additional information in note

– Others
1. Artists can see given schedule and incomplete schedule separately, and request review on the page
2. Use node view to see artists, asset, schedule as wanted; Share node to share information easily
3. Fast feedback about requests or errors
4. Convenient to manage project and data in overall


Olive Studio 2

Major works (Fresh World Cocomong, Koreanosaurus, Hello Cocomong)

Siggraph 2013

Our Activities / 2013.07.26

Siggraph 2013 was held in Anaheim, California, from 23rd to 25th of July.
C2Monster shared an exhibition booth with KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency).
In the exhibition, C2Monster unveiled its own pipeline management system, Wormhole. This marked its first unveiling in the global market.
Many overseas animation, film and game producers as well as educational institutes showed a strong interest in Wormhole, giving invaluable feedback.
The response at the exhibition was extremely positive. Visitors’ feedback will be actively reflected in the future Wormhole updates.
We are looking forward to meeting more visitors in the next year’s Siggraph.


Siggraph 2013 1

Siggraph 2013 2

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