C2Monster Inc.

We, C2monster, are people from Visual Production Industry with different career background – from Artists to Supervisors. As a team specialized in providing management, operation and tech support for Film and Production studios, we have been involved in many of projects with many different clients using various collaboration methods and tools.

We put years of endeavor to find the best solution for us and the most, only to conclude that we need a new, integrated one. And there we named our new tool as WORMHOLE hoping that our new tool could give studios a way of warp drive to a new collaboration stage.

So we became the first client for our collaboration tools and shared it with studios, companies that we partnered with for many years. Through years of collaboration, the tool has been ready and we are opening a wormhole to provide a warp drive for your studio.






Our Valued Partners


for technical and business collaboration

Academy partners

for user experiences contribution

Other partners and collaborators.

There are more and more companies, studios and people collaborated with us enhancing our tools by partnering with us. 
Although we are unable to list them all here, we are always grateful for their contribution and help.