Wormhole Pipleline System

Test Operation

  1. Can I preview Wormhole?
    • You can connect to a test website through Chrome and preview Wormhole. Test websites are located at the following addresses:

      To receive a user ID on the test website, users must register at the administrator test website. The password is the same as the ID, and users may change passwords.

  2. Languages in Wormhole
    • Wormhole provides service in Korean, Chinese, and English. Users may select a language for each website.

      Users may change the language on the administrator website in the menu below.
      [ 환경설정 – 옵션 ] | [ Environment – Option ] | [ 工作环境/系统设置 – 语音/主题设置 ]

      Users may change the language on the user website in the menu below.
      [ 개인정보 – 개인별 설정 ] | [ Personal information – My setting ] | [ 我的信息 – 基本设置 ]

  3. Can I test Wormhole?
    • We recommend first previewing the Wormhole system on the test website. For information about the test website, click here. In order to test Wormhole, register for a free trial here.
      You may use the website for up to three months. In order to register for official service, contact master@wormholepipeline.com or +82-2-561-5335.