Wormhole Pipleline System

User Environment

  1. How does Wormhole work?
    • Wormhole utilizes a web browser. To use the service, users connect to a Wormhole website provided by C2Monster. For best results, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Network Configurations
    • Wormhole offers settings for two network configurations: PCs connected to the Internet, or PCs connected within an internal network.
      For the Internet connection setting, click here. For the internal network connection setting, click here.
  3. Users’ PCs connected to the Internet
    • In order to use Wormhole with PCs connected to the Internet, users must use a web server provided by C2Monster.
      When using the web server provided by C2Monster, you will be able to download Wormhole setup files and connect to the Wormhole website.
      For setup file download, click here. For user guidance with the Wormhole website, click here.
  4. Users’ PCs connected within an internal network
    • In order to use Wormhole with PCs connected within an internal network, users must build a private web server.
      In this case, a separate PC running Linux CentOS 5.9 64bit will be required to operate as a web server.
      For any difficulties in installing the OS, contact master@wormholepipeline.com or +82-2-561-5335 for assistance.
      For necessary PC specifications, click here.
  5. Web server specification for building web server
    • You will need Xeon 1CPU, SAS 500GB HDD, 8GB RAM for up to 100 users, and Xeon 2~4CPU, SAS 500GB HDD X 2, 16GB RAM for over 100 users.