Wormhole Pipleline System


  1. User, shot, and asset are not registered en bloc.
    • Check whether the filename extension of documents is .xls (excel). If not, click [ Save as ], choose to save as .xls, and try again.
  2. A few shots are not registered when trying to register en bloc.
    • Check sequence information of the shots registered en bloc. If there is no sequence or the sequence is not registered at Wormhole, the shots do not work properly.
  3. There is no response when clicking the ‘Create directory,’ ‘Start,’ and ‘Review’ buttons on the Wormhole administrator or user websites.
    • You may need to reinstall Wormhole with administrator privileges. Download the setup file and choose to install as Administrator [ Right click – Run as administrator ]. For information about setup file download, click here.
  4. There is no response when clicking the Maya, 3Ds Max, Softimage, Nuke, and Local buttons on the user website ‘Proceed task.’
    • You may need to create the directory again. When starting each task on the user website, click the [ Create directory ] button.
  5. Plug-ins are not working after starting the Maya, 3Ds Max, Softimage, and Nuke programs through Wormhole.
    • You may need to create the ‘project directory’ again. Register a project on the administrator website and click the [ Create directory ] button on each project.
  6. The notice, review, and message pop-ups do not appear.
    • You need to allow pop-ups in Chrome browser.
      Check [ Setting – Privacy – Content settings – Pop-ups – Allow ] and add [*.]wormholepipeline.co.kr. Pop-ups should now work properly.
  7. Users cannot register, modify, or delete schedules.
    • The users’ authority may be limited. There are five user types in Wormhole: artist, team leader, coordinator, VFX supervisor, and Seq supervisor. Authority may be set up for each user type.
      You can set up the authority in the [ User – User type ] menu.
  8. Terms in use are different from Wormhole terminology.
    • Terms are used differently depending on the company or region. In this case, you can change terms under [ System management – Language setting ] on the administrator website.
      For more information, check ‘Change language’ in the [ Tutorial – Wormhole guide – Wormhole user guide ] menu, or ‘Language setting.’