Wormhole Pipeline System

Task Overview Update

Wormhole Update News / 2015.11.04

Users can check the Task Overview information faster and more accurately.
Redundancy has been minimized.

1) Assigned artist
– Indicate who is in charge of each task for users’ intuitive recognition


Task over view update_1

2) Favorite
– Save frequently-searched filtering options in Favorite and manage list; quick search using Favorite list


Task over view update_2

3) Simultaneous selection
– Select various items simultaneously to update and modify schedule;
resolve inconveniences caused by updates and modifications one by one


Task over view update_3

Data copy

Wormhole Update News / 2015.08.25

Users can search and back up data that satisfies search requests, such as name, tag, and specific period.

This function helps users with an easier and more accurate back up process.
Data search when sending data to partner production companies has also become easier.


Data copy_en

Wormhole Plugin install version update

Wormhole Update News / 2015.05.20

‘Wormhole install’ system was updated.
Now you can install wormhole easily and quickly in windows system.
The setup for this easy-to-install wormhole can be downloaded from ‘Plug-in Tool Update’ menu in Admin System.


Wormhole Plugin install version update

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