Wormhole Pipeline System

Presentation at Galaxy Holdings(星河控股) Event

Our Activities / 2015.11.07

Chinese company, Galaxy Holdings(星河控股) hosted a seminar on the game market. C2Monster had an opportunity to make a presentation and promote Wormhole and Younger Travel, a game which helps to diagnose senile dementia and improve patient conditions. This was jointly developed with the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Samsung Medical Center.
C2Monster agreed to provide Wormhole services to support the remote/collaborating content production environment for companies in the production center operated by XG Entertainment, a subsidiary of Galaxy Holdings.


성하그룹 관련 발표회 참가 1

성하그룹 관련 발표회 참가 2

성하그룹 관련 발표회 참가 3

BIRTV 2015

Our Activities / 2015.08.30

C2Monster took part in BIRTV, held in Beijing, China from 26th to 29th August 2015. BIRTV (Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition) takes place in Beijing, China every August backed by the support of the Chinese government. From about 50 countries, more than 600 brands participate annually in this, Asia’s largest event.
C2Monster made a presentation on the Wormhole Pipeline Management Solution in Digital Content Creation Area. It was given through Oxygen Technology, a Wormhole reseller in China. This presentation reaffirmed the great interest of visitors in Wormhole.


BIRTV 2015 1


Our Activities / 2015.08.14

C2Monster participated in Siggragh 2015 held in Anaheim, California, from 11th to 13th August. We were happy to see that in this annual event, a growing number of visitors recognized our Wormhole product.


Siggraph 2015 1
This year, C2Monster also presented WH Video Library and WH Movie Player, our newest additions to the portfolio. Now, users can enjoy Wormhole’s more advanced review system and video library management functions.
Siggraph 2015 was a valuable event for C2Monster because we were able to give a presentation and then hold a Q&A session about Wormhole with Andrew Pearce, CTO of DreamWorks. This gave us a great opportunity to understand Wormhole’s evaluation and producers’ key issues.

Siggraph 2015 2

Siggraph 2015 3

C-Festival 2015

Our Activities / 2015.05.04

C-Festival hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency is Asia’s largest content festival. It converges culture, art and technology. C2Monster participated in the event held in COEX, Seoul from April 30th to May 3rd, 2015.
This event is very important to understand the newest information and trends in Asia’s culture, art and technology. C2Monster expects that through expansion and technological advancement, this exhibition can become an important global event.


C-Festival 2015 1

C-Festival 2015 2


Our Activities / 2015.03.07

C2Monster participated in GDC2015, the largest conference for game developers, from 4th to 6th of March 2015. GDC2015, held in San Francisco, is a key event for getting all the latest information and trends in the game industry.


GDC 2015 1
It also offered a good opportunity to introduce Wormhole 2015’s newly added functions to overseas game developers, digital content producers and solution providers.
Game-related companies showed great interest in Wormhole, and we were encouraged by the market response.
We hope as many as possible will check out a more advanced Wormhole at the next GDC.

GDC 2015 2

GDC 2015 3

Siggraph 2014

Our Activities / 2014.08.15

C2Monster participated in Siggraph 2014, held in Vancouver, Canada, from 10th to 14th of August.
Since it was our second time participating in Siggraph, we were able to better prepare. We showcased a more advanced and greater array of functions of our content pipeline management solution, Wormhole.
While announcing Wormhole 2014 at Siggraph, we also completed the renewal of our web page (www.wormholepipepline.com). Now, you can get detailed information about our solutions through user guides and tutorial videos at www.wormholepiepline.com.
We value all the interest shown toward Wormhole 2014 at the Siggraph in Vancouver.


Siggraph 2014 1

Siggraph 2014 2

Siggraph 2013

Our Activities / 2013.07.26

Siggraph 2013 was held in Anaheim, California, from 23rd to 25th of July.
C2Monster shared an exhibition booth with KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency).
In the exhibition, C2Monster unveiled its own pipeline management system, Wormhole. This marked its first unveiling in the global market.
Many overseas animation, film and game producers as well as educational institutes showed a strong interest in Wormhole, giving invaluable feedback.
The response at the exhibition was extremely positive. Visitors’ feedback will be actively reflected in the future Wormhole updates.
We are looking forward to meeting more visitors in the next year’s Siggraph.


Siggraph 2013 1

Siggraph 2013 2

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