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K-ICT Commercialization Festival – Award presented by the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning

Our Activities / 2016.05.21

C2Monster was invited to the K-ICT Commercialization Festival held at COEX, Seoul from 17th to 20th of May, 2016 as a company earmarked as an excellent performer.
The K-ICT Commercialization Festival provides public research institutes, universities and companies supported by the government with an opportunity to present their key technologies and the chance to promote business marketing. In this regard, it creates a platform where consumer and providers can have direct communication.
At this event, C2Monster received an award from the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and introduced Wormhole during the exhibition.


K-ICT 기술사업화 페스티벌 1

K-ICT 기술사업화 페스티벌 2

K-ICT 기술사업화 페스티벌 4

CICAF 2016

Our Activities / 2016.04.30

C2Monster participated in the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival from 26th to 29th April 2016, in Hangzhou.
The China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF 2016) is the only animation exhibition in Chinese mainland receiving government support. In 2015, 617 companies from 78 countries participated in this exhibition, attracting 1.37 million visitors. During this event, C2Monster discussed business cooperation with VSOChina, the global number one cloud computing service (Tienhe-2) provider.
By participating in this exhibition, C2Monster would like to enhance the global competitiveness of Wormhole in the animation industry and build capacity in the overseas market.


CICAF 2016 1

CICAF 2016 2

Wormhole 2016 Asia Training

Our Activities / 2016.04.02

C2Monster provided sessions giving an overview of Wormhole, product introduction, and key functions hands-on training from March 30th to April 1st, 2016 for Chinese and Thai resellers, such as Time Axis, Dison Digital Entertainment Co.,Ltd., CHANCE 3D, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, and Nurbs FactorFurther, attendees were able to visit key Wormhole clients, including OliveStudio, RetroBot Animation Studios, as well as the Animation department of the Korea National University of Arts and to listen to use cases from actual clients.


Wormhole 2016 Asia Training 1

Wormhole 2016 Asia Training 2

Wormhole 2016 Asia Training 3

Korea-China Digital Content Business Day

Our Activities / 2016.03.23

C2Monster established a business network to promote its business in China by participating in the 2016 Korea-China Digital Content Business Day in Shanghai on 22nd March.
The event provided a good opportunity to determine a realistic view on industrial trends in China. Through the business matching system, we were able to meet many potential clients. We expect that this one-time meeting can develop continued relations and future business.


한중 디지털콘텐츠 상해 비즈니스 데이 1

한중 디지털콘텐츠 상해 비즈니스 데이 2

GDC 2016

Our Activities / 2016.03.19

GDC 2016 was held from 16th to 18th March, in San Francisco.
In this year’s exhibition, C2Monster unveiled some new Wormhole functions, such as FTP review, publish path setting, and task overview. It was also a good opportunity to get valuable input with regards to setting our 2016 development plan.
Notably, C2Monster agreed to work together with PERFORCE in the US territory, for marketing, business and Wormhole integrated product joint development.
Further, an agreement was signed with the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada to use Wormhole for its educational curriculum and international academic-industrial projects.


GDC 2016 1

GDC 2016 2


Our Activities / 2015.11.22

C2Monster participated in the CHINA HI-TECH FAIR 2015 held in Shenzhen from 16th to 21st November.
CHINA HI-TECH FAIR is one of the primary science and technology exhibitions in China, attended by companies from countries around the world.
In this large exhibition, the advanced technologies on show demonstrated the enthusiasm of China for the IT industry.
C2Monster had a chance to meet many groups, including Dison (Chinese Wormhole reseller) and animation department professors from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
This event gave a glimpse of animation market potential in China, including in Guangdong. Also, it was a stepping stone to promoting Wormhole more actively in the future.


심천하이테크페어 2015 1

심천하이테크페어 2015 2

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