Singapore Echelon Asia Summit 2018

Our Activities / 2018.07.17

The Singapore Echelon Asia Summit brings together over 5,000 participants, including industry leaders, technology innovators, investors, customers, and experts from start-ups, businesses, and governments.

This year’s summit was held from June 28 to 29 in the Singapore EXPO.

C2Monster exhibited “Wormhole,” a content production and pipeline management solution;
“3D Storyboard,” an iOS-based 3D storyboard production tool; “3D Data Converting Tool,” a tool which allows users to easily manage, convert, and view 3D data on the web through web_gl; and “Younger Travel,” a game and content platform designed to help prevent dementia and improve the perception of senior citizens.

C2Monster attracted many visitors during the summit, and venture capital investors took an especially great interest and discussed the company’s funding scale and progress.

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore visited C2Monster’s booth with an extreme interest in the company’s capability of producing both software and content. In addition, the Asia Content Network, which manages content production, and DimixLab, creators of an avatar rendering system, discussed business opportunities with C2Monster regarding Wormhole and other products.


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