Customer Story – Korea National University of Arts

Customer Stories / 2015.08.05

한국예술종합학교 1

KARTS is an educational institute which has an academy of music, Drama school, Institute of media, Dance institute, the Academy of Art as independent apparatus. The institute of media is trying to foster talents who are able to realize creative thinking and can communicate with the world. By deepening specialized education of each medium and genre, the institute provides active education for the media industry.

Through global cooperation and joint production, we cultivate the capability to take an active role on the international stage. Ultimately, we are trying to become a world-class national media institution.

Wormhole makes it possible to review each step of production and helps in collaboration using online systems, which can improve efficiency and help save time. Applied to international cooperative learning and joint production of projects with major universities in media industry in countries such as S.KOREA, CHINA, JAPAN, SOUTH EAST ASIA, difficulties of education/production management and communication due to issues like distance and time can be resolved efficiently.


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