Customer Story – Studio Min

Customer Stories / 2013.10.30

Studio Min 1

Studio Min was established in 2012 by VFX supervisors and artists with a shared vision and passion. The studio has participated in over 40 film productions and has made a significant impact on the Korean film industry. It is now evolving into a leader of matte painting and concept art in Korea.


Manage attached files automatically by Wormhole FTP Review Tool in the review system when working on same project with partners; Convenient file management; Less work for PDs

– Check each task in Task Overview, save with filtered Shot/ Asset list → Check the progress quickly
– Search assets used in other projects quickly, locate and reuse files → Convenient asset usage and management
– Easy Shot/ Asset file management by using a Publish Tool
– Convenient review history search and easy problem tracking


Studio Min 2

Wormhole application case (Pororo, Cyberspace Adventure, Hutos, Robot Train)