Customer Story – Olive Studio

Customer Stories / 2013.10.20

Olive Studio 1

Olive Studio was founded in 2005 as a professional animation studio, now its services cover from 3D animation to 3D stereoscopic contents production. With brilliant ideas and passion, Olive Studio has set its vision to become the worldwide leader in video contents creation.


– Review & Publish
1. Easy to see review history
2. Open local review file or folder directly
3. Accumulate reviews -> Easy to see previous reviews
(Search date, period, filtering per Shot/ Asset task)
4. Pop-up appears when review is requested -> Easy to reply
5. Check publisher, publishing date, task, details at a glance; Easy to check publishing history
6. Publish document files (Excel, PPT, etc.) -> Easy to manage sharable files, like scene breakdowns

– Asset Task View / Shot Task View
1. Easy to create asset and shot; Select collectively to apply template and allocate/change artist easily
2. Check task per asset and shot at a glance -> Easy to understand the overall project process
3. Insert additional information in note

– Others
1. Artists can see given schedule and incomplete schedule separately, and request review on the page
2. Use node view to see artists, asset, schedule as wanted; Share node to share information easily
3. Fast feedback about requests or errors
4. Convenient to manage project and data in overall


Olive Studio 2

Major works (Fresh World Cocomong, Koreanosaurus, Hello Cocomong)