A Solution that fits!

WORMHOLE is a collaborative pipeline management tool for creative studios designed and developed by groups of former producers and artists to deliver the best collaboration experiences across number of teams in and out of studios.



WORMHOLE has been designed by former producers and artists unable to get satisfied with existing collaboration tools. Our team helps you setting up studio’s own collaborative process until it fits 100% to it. Our experience of working in the field will give a clear guideline.


Control over cost & productivity

Try WORMHOLE Report for its budgeting and productivity management features. Get clear calculation of per shot cost to see if each shot has been done within pre-set budget. And minimize wasted resources and maintain highest performance with WORMHOLE pipeline.


Set up location at your choice

We don’t ask any minimum requirements for dedicated server in-house. Simply care only about your requirements – If security matters, go inhouse and if flexibility matters, go cloud. Setup location is fully at your choice.



On-screen annotation

No more confusion. Share comments on each frame to share clear feedback.

Version & Review history

Don’t get lost in endless mail threads. Leave your comments and version history in order and always catch up with context.

Compare versions

Open and compare all versions together in single screen to save time of opening and checking them one by one.

Managers : So familiar to start with

No more wasting time to learn and get used to unfamiliar functions. Wormhole provides exactly the same frame with excel and google sheet. Simply use it like an excel document. Simply copy, paste and go.

Artists : Everything in a single page

Let’s have our artists focus simply only on their works. Single page UI for artists and supervisors to minimize their focus interruption.

Studios : Wormhole is enough

Wormhole and its UI has been optimized for years with feedbacks from partner studios so that it can fit to the most of studios without additional development. Additionally we provide API for all pages and intensive support for integration up to studio’s requirements.

Progress at a glance

Don’t be lost in the middle of numbers.
Check out statistics on project progress, resource input and output produced in a glance

Budget and Control

Set up budgets calculated in man-day and control per team, per project cost by managing resource input to each project.

Stay at best performance

Find idle resources, overloaded units.
Control productivity and workload to ensure the best performance.



No.1 in Korean VFX with +30% market share
– Along with The Gods 1 & 2, Mr.Go, Kungfu Yoga, Monkey King series


A production studio of ICONIX
– Little Penguin Pororo, Tayo the little bus